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The answer to reshaping your life is right here! Austin Personal Trainer, Caitlin Hartung has personally helped her personal training clients collectively lose over 1,000 lbs since she started her own personal training company in Austin in 2008! She has been able to do this through One-on-One Personal Training, Boot Camp, and Online Personal training , as well as developing her own unique training style that has proven itself successful time and time again.  Caitlin is Certified through the American College of Sports Medicine.  

Caitlin's wellness programs include one-on-one personal training sessions and unique integration of personal fitness, nutritional guidance, and stress management. An efficient approach for the busy professional, parent, or person interested in redefining their body.

As a macronutrient coach in Austin, Caitlin truly tailors the comprehensive experience for weight loss results....guaranteed.  Like Dr. Fuhrman , Caitlin's approach leans on natural choices without weight loss supplements (something not all personal trainers in Austin follow). The structure is adaptable, realistic, and integrative.  And...yes....personal training clients can still drink a glass of wine in their diet while trying to lose weight.

Having researched emotion and coping behaviors in university-level studies (she has a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences with a focus in Psychology), Caitlin has been able to create and adapt her fitness programs and lifestyle coaching to help as many people as she can, and create unique programs that are highly tailored to each unique client. 

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Programs and services

Service areas

* North Austin​

* Central Austin

* Downtown Austin

* Westlake 

* Leander

* Cedar Park

* Georgetown

* Round Rock

* Pflugerville

Personal Training – custom exercise programs to reach clients fitness goals

Lifestyle Coaching – Teaching client how to balance healthy living

Compound Training – Training that involves more than one muscle group

Boot Camp – High energy workout

Online Personal Training - for those who want the help of a personal trainer whenever and wherever they want 

Customized Nutrition Programs – designed by a nutritionist

Body Sculpting – all-around-fitness program

Interval Training – cardiovascular and strength training all in same workout at different range

Weight Loss – focus on reduction of body fat

Cardiovascular – increases endurance and stamina

Strength Training – builds lean muscle tissue

Injury Recovery – helps improve movement

Prenatal Personal Training – safe effective exercise regimens for females

Youth Training – for the younger generation

Functional Training – total body movement

In-Home Personal Training – In home exercise program

Custom Supplement Programs – All natural supplements to optimize clients health

In The Gym Training – is done at our private gym

Medical Exercise – controlling high blood pressure and over health and lifestyle issues

My personal training  private studio is located in Round Rock, as well as a second location soon in central Austin. I also provide in-home personal training sessions in the following neighborhoods.

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Hiring a Personal Trainer in Austin

When you search the terms Personal Trainer Austin, Personal Training Austin, Austin Personal Trainer, Austin Personal Training, Find a Personal Trainer, and the many others, you'll find that the personal training experience can vary greatly among personal trainers in Austin (for better or worse). Why is the personal training experience unique with Caitlin? She prides herself on an adaptive fitness approach that is efficient and results focused. Caitlin has personal trained professionals, brides, seniors, at-home parents, athletes, and more who live in Austin to as far as Korea. Her clients value personal trainers in Austin who don't push supplements or focus on reckless fitness movements they find in magazines. As a whole, Caitlin not only focuses on injury rehabilitation and prevention but provides nutritional and behavioral guidelines for personal change. 

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Reviews of Austin Personal Trainer Caitlin  Hartung

Find out how Caitlin's personal training clients changed their personal and professional lives! Read Caitlin Hart Training Reviews​​ Here 

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