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How has Austin  Certified Personal Trainer Caitlin Hartung helped her personal training clients in Austin collectively lose over 1,000 lbs?  Since 2008, she has reinvented the ​​​ personal training  experience in Austin with an integrative nutritional, exercise, and mental approach to sculpting the body and reducing injury. Caitlin uniquely shapes her strength-endurance programs for  weight loss  / toning / sculpting  people.

When Austin personal training clients follow her plan, they lose at least 5-10 lbs in the first month!*

Specifically, Caitlin integrates an adaptable nutritional structure based on your needs, wants, and lifestyle. She also utilizes scientific physical fitness testing, including a gait analysis, to help you reach pinnacle fitness success. Most important, you have redefined yourself without detox diets, supplements, and over-the-top exercises.

From brides to stay at home moms to business professionals, Caitlin's personal training clients in Austin have truly changed their lives (not just lost weight). Be the next to transform yourself. Try personal training in Austin with Caitlin for a month and see the results!

Austin Personal Training Benefits
-Have an injury?  Caitlin is experienced in working with and around injuries to help you get a safe and effective workout, as well as potentially alleviating your pain/helping your injury to heal. 
-The personal training experience in Austin includes a gait analysis, free copy of Dr. Fuhrman's book  Eat to Live , ongoing nutritional analysis (meal planning, nutritional breakdown (macronutrient breakdown), and more), plus 2 free sessions for friends and family!

Cost of Sessions with Caitlin (Austin's Personal Trainer) 
New Years Resolution Special Ends February 28th: Lock in your rate for only $65 per session and also receive a free copy of Dr. Fuhrman's book Eat to Live! 

60-minute personal training session in Austin:  $79 (Special: Only $65)
Contact Caitlin today! You can also learn more about the experience below (or read the reviews from Caitlin's personal training clients here ). (An additional $20 per extra person if wanting to do partner training)

Additional Services include:
Online Personal Training: $75/month 
- The online personal training experience online includes an initial intake form so that Caitlin knows exactly what your needs and goals are, and then a month of fully planned workouts (ie 30 days).  

Online Personal Training with Nutrition: $110/month
- The online personal training experience with nutrition includes all the aspects listed above with the online training package, plus a pre-planned meal plan, created by a nutritionist.  This meal plan will be customized to your caloric needs and macronutrient ratios calculated by Caitlin.  She will tweak the plan on a monthly basis depending on how your body is responding to the plan.
Nutrition Packages
No need to buy additional nutritional guidance sessions! Caitlin will integrate the structure, education, meal planning and more within your Austin personal training sessions. She does offer additional services, however.

Additional services include:
Trip to the Grocery Store - How do you decipher between healthy and not at your grocery store? Caitlin will help you answer this during your trip with her to your grocery store in Austin. For 60 minutes, the two of you will break down your choices and create the perfect list!  $65
(Free with Purchase of 3 months of Personal Training)

Create a Weight Loss Kitchen – Creating a conducive environment for weight loss is the key to long-term success. Caitlin will help you reorganize your kitchen to trick your mind into weight loss and develop quick and easy cooking habits in Austin.  $65

Recent Rock Star Personal Training in Austin Stats
  • Audra B. (lost 45 lbs)
  • Greg H. (lost 15+ lbs)
  • Meghan H. (lost 48 lbs)
  • Janelle S. (lost 39 lbs)
  • Robert R. (lost 32 lbs)

Caitlin Hart Training Fitness Reviews of Austin's Personal Trainer, Caitlin Hartung
Caitlin was a perfect fit for me. She's smart & intentional about her practices, and accommodates for your specific needs. I've worked with her one-on-one and in a group setting and felt great about both. She's dependable, punctual & professional. She also has a great sense of humor & a great cheerleader! I highly recommend her Written by: Kristen Fournier
Caitlin Hart Training
Date published: 04/25/2017
5 / 5 stars

Austin's Personal Trainer, Caitlin Hart Training FAQs 

Why hire Caitlin as your personal trainer in Austin?
Hiring a personal trainer in Austin takes the thinking out of exercise. Essentially, you are hiring a personal health advisor to create exercise and nutritional plans based on your needs and wants. You no longer need to research or guess what might work for your body. Caitlin takes the guesswork out of personal fitness in Austin and uses her expertise to help you reach your goals efficiently and without injury. For most clients, "a personal trainer near me" is most important. Luckily, Caitlin's facility offers free parking and is located in Round Rock (which is easy to access for her personal training clients who reside in Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, North Austin, and Hutto).  But she also travels to clients who are located in Austin, Westlake, Lakeway, Downtown Austin, Central Austin, etc. 

What is the typical personal training session in Austin like?
Depending on your goals, history in the gym, and injuries, meeting with a personal trainer in Austin can vary greatly. Essentially, Caitlin's personal training sessions are individualized based on your needs and wants. Unless there’s an injury, you’ll rarely repeat the same movement during your 30 or 60-minute sessions. You can expect an appropriately challenging, varied workout that will improve your balance of strength and flexibility. You’ll also utilize a wide variety of equipment and body movements to achieve your goals. All movements and results are recorded and analyzed to improve the efficiency of your workouts. While you exercise, Caitlin will discuss nutrition, any challenges you face, and exercise beyond your personal training sessions in Austin. Please note that this IS NOT a Cross Fit experience. Caitlin's programs are based on Functional movement, safety, and a combination of weight lifting, pilates, yoga, HIIT, plyometrics, etc. 

*Results may vary.
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